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(1) Lead -Loretta Lynch
(2) On The Media - Music Promotions Opportunity 
(3) On Sports - Super Bowl Finalists - RW
(4) Black Lives Matter speaks on religion (The Root)
(5) Biden Talks about Police problems with Black community (EU)
(6) TLC makes final album through Kickstarter (EU)
(7) 13-year-old starts company (EU)
(8) Oscar President addresses diversity issue (EU)
(9) ) HBCU leaders assess President Obama's community college plan (EU)

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There is little doubt about the ultimate outcome. Lynch needs support from at least three Republicans on the committee to advance to the full Senate, and she is expected to win those votes and achieve eventual confirmation. Read More

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Memphis photographer Patrick Covington specializes in vivid, striking images.

He began early in his professional life doing landscapes with a 35 millimeter, doing what he now describes as "learning the business." But his skill soon became evident as he graduated to other areas and settings. Some recent musical clients include Luv B & Jason Da Hater, Duce, Amika, Wave Chappelle and Porcela Chalet.Read More.

Entrepreneur blazes multi-media trail.

Thomas Griffin, head of the Indianapolis chapter of Black Expo

Expo head dispels myths
By Ron Wynn

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